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Kim   Kim Miller, Pres.,   Kim @ SLJC 1-29-10

Al at Wash. U.   Al Stanger, ,   Al's Precision!

Bill coaching on Thur. July 30, 2009   Bill Thayer,

Ely   Ely Thayer, Ely - XMAS PARTY 2009

Elaine - XMAS PARTY 2009   Elaine Thayer, Elaine - XMAS PARTY 2009

Manu - XMAS PARTY 2009   Manu Jones

Rachel @ SLJC 1-29-10   Rachel Robin

Mimi Tsige   Mimi Tsige,

Jill, Miles & Jasper @ SLJC 1-29-10   Jill Humphries, Miles and Jasper Thornton

Peter @ SLJC   Peter Schroeder, 314 503 0894,

Meg @ SLJC   Meg Krejci, 314 918 7747,

Ben @ SLJC 2-5-10   Ben Rankin

Rich @ SLJC 2-5-10   Rich Rankin

Joe @ SLJC 2-5-10   Joe Rankin

Brian @ SLJC   Brian Hettrick,

Sommer @ SLJC   Sommer Scharfer,

Neil @ SLJC   Neil Krejci

Pritchetts   Elisa, Robin, Maisie, Lucia, & Phoebe Pritchett,  

    MAJOR MAGIC - MerAmec Juggling ORganization MAGIC, St. Louis Community College At Meramec, Forest Park and Florissant Valley Contact: William Thayer

    NPSCJ The National Prestigious Society of Collegiate Jugglers, Washington University, MO. Contact: Franklin Koch ( )

    ST. Louis Juggling Club - S.O.S.E.J. Stanger Organization for the Study of Epistemology and Juggling. Al Stanger and other SLJC members juggle on Sunday evening around 5:30 - 9:00 pm with the DRUMMERS AT A PARK near Delmar Ave. in the UNIVERSITY CITY LOOP area.

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